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Requested to work on issue# 42245
[BUG, CSS, Emmet] suggestion color if said "#" like "id"
Recieved response regarding Requested to work on issue# 42245
Certain vscode members are assigned specific issues

Requested to work on issue#41650
Support TOML frontmatter syntax highlighting in markdown files

Steps to Reproduce:

Add TOML frontmatter to a markdown file
Observe that it doesn’t have syntax higlighting (in comparison to YAML frontmatter)


Essentially we need to inject YAML code block syntax highlighting into Markdown files.


TOML (Tom’s Obvious, Minimal Language) – easy to read configuration file format

textmate – language grammar is used only to parse the document and assign names to subsets

better-toml– toml extension for vs code editor

Front Matter-allows you to keep metadata attached to an instance of a content type

Many attempts later...

After a great deal of confusion trying to connect the dots between Hugo, TOML, Font Maker, language injection I decided to reach out for help.

Different Approach

As I was waitng for a response from Matt and the Slack channel, I tried to isolate the problem as best as I could.
Instead of having to rebuild the full dev enviroment + extension, why not create a light weight test extension with just the features I needed to add.
I begain reading up on how to create and manage a vscode extension.


After many failed attempts I was able to isolate TOML code block from a Markdown file.
The only issue now is trying to connect the code block to existing syntax highlighters.

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